Last August I moved into a new apartment and simply out of laziness I did not hook up my TV. I always intended to, but just never got around to it. The days turned into weeks and then eventually several months later I had a sudden realization that I did not miss TV. Like not even one bit. (and this is coming from a lifelong TV fanatic)

Looking into why I didn’t miss TV I realized that my life had improved in five key areas. After ditching the telly -   


1.     You will feel more confident. 

Everyone on TV is richer than you, better looking, funnier, smarter, the list goes on and on.   

It can be a real buzz killer when you start comparing yourself to those amazing lives you see in the magic box (this happens even if you don’t realize it). But it turns out that is not reality! Even reality TV is not real. Turning it off gives you a confidence boost once you look around planet Earth and realize that you are not the only one who is a weirdo.


2.     You will have more money. 

If you drop cable you will be saving around 50-200 dollars a month.

You can spend a lot less if you get a subscription to Netflix, which only costs about 10 bucks a month. And there will be no more commercials, thank god. I still watch my favorite shows online but I choose to watch a few quality shows that I really care about instead of wasting hours watching “mehh” shows. 

(Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and most recently, Sherlock, are my favorites by the way)

Now what do you do with all that extra cash that is weighing down your wallet? Well, anything you want! 

Another round of drinks? Yes please!


3.     You will learn something new.

Once you free up all those former TV hours you’ll need to do something instead of twiddling your thumbs all evening. It turns out that you will actually learn something new (scary, right!). This could be a new hobby, a sport, how to cook, whatever.

For me it was a greater appreciation of music. I hate a silent house. So once my TV went dark I needed something to fill the silence. There’s only so much indie and house music that you can listen to before it all sounds like rubbish. So I turned to other genres like rap, blues, bossa nova – pretty much everything. It really opened my eyes to an art form I had never really cared that much about before. And now I don’t sound like an idiot when I have a conversation with artsy-fartsy music people! Small win. 


4.     Your relationships will improve

Also, it turns out your relationships will get better. Instead of having imaginary date nights with Jon Snow or Buffy the Vampire Slayer you’ll find yourself turning to the people around you and focusing your limited attention span on them.

This was especially useful to me since my family and most of my friends are scattered all around the world. I really started to connect more with old friends and have longer and more meaningful phone conversations with family members.

As an added bonus, your sex life will probably get a much-needed boost. And who wouldn’t want that, right??


5.     You’ll finally have the time to focus on THE MOST important things in your life.

Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do – spend more time with your kids, volunteer for a non-profit organization, start your own business, or even finally exercising just once a week, now you’ll suddenly have time!

So go out and enjoy REAL life to the fullest.



Anybody have experience with ditching cable? Please share your story with us below!